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Why New Dining Room Furniture is a Great Investment

Dining room furniture, in many cases, is some of the last furniture than many people purchase for their home. They may have inherited some old furniture from friends or family, or they may have acquired a table and mismatching chairs from a yard sale just to get by until new furniture is bought. Eventually, many people decide that it is time to get dining room furniture that they actually like and suits their individual style.

Refurnishing your dining room is a big decision that often takes much time and commitment. Unlike living room furniture that wears out and needs to be replaced every ten years or so, dining room furniture, if made well, can last a lifetime. There are several benefits to refurnishing your dining room and the most important is the ability to share a meal with friends and family in a r.oom that makes you feel comfortable. Dining room furniture also lasts a long time and you can pass this down to your children or grandchildren. Another benefit is the ability to change the style of your house and new furniture is a great for making this happen.

Are you ready to trade up from your existing dining room set and invest in some matching dining room furniture? If you are still unsure, perhaps knowing why new dining room furniture is such a good investment can help you make up your mind.

* Investing in quality dining room furniture can save you money in the long run. By spending the money on well-made furniture that lasts decades, you should not have to purchase new furniture five years from now when all of the rungs have fallen off your chairs. Dining room furniture is a long-term investment and this is why you should carefully choose which furniture is best for your house.

* Dining room furniture that is both a functional and fits your style is an investment for your family. When you have functional furniture, you are more likely to have family and friends over for meals. Perhaps you have never hosted a holiday meal before because you did not have the right furniture or enough furniture to make everyone comfortable.

* Purchasing new dining room furniture may be just what you need to start hosting family and holiday meals. Many memories are made and relived around the dining room table. The memories that can be gained with new furniture are well worth the investment.

* Quality dining room furniture can be an investment in your children's future. Furniture is often passed down to family members and this can eventually lead to the need to replace it. By purchasing, new, quality dining room furniture, it can help ensure that the furniture lasts for decades. You may even be purchasing furniture that can be used by your children or grandchildren one day. If you invest in quality, timeless, heirloom quality furniture, you children might not need to buy replacements for their hand-me-downs.

* By investing in dining room furniture, you could be investing in helping your home become free from clutter. Dining room furniture is more than just a table and chairs. China cabinets and buffet cabinets are common pieces of dining room furniture. Most of these cabinets come with ample storage space that can help organize your room. China cabinets often have special drawers to hold your silver wear. Extra sets of dishes, linens, and candlesticks can be stored in either piece of furniture. There is usually extra space to store items that may have gathered on the dining room table.

* If your current dining room furniture is dull and uninspiring, it could be costing you money in an area that you have not considered. If you do not like your current table and refuse to use it for meals, it may cause you to eat out at restaurants more frequently. By purchasing dining room furniture that fits your style and makes you and your family comfortable, you will probably end up eating at home more often, saving you from spending money on costly restaurant bills.

When choosing your new dining room furniture, remember that whatever furniture you choose can help set the tone of your dining environment. Furniture that is formal and ornate can set a formal tone. Furniture that is casual and clean helps to set a more comfortable tone.

When you buy new dining room furniture, you are not only investing in some pieces of wood and glass. You are investing in your family and friends by providing them with a place to come and share a meal with you, a place to make and share memories, and a place to gather for holidays. Of all the reasons to invest in new dining room furniture, that may be the most important. To add to these benefits, the furniture also provides a new look to your room.


Themed Dinner Parties And Hosting Tips

A dinner party with close friends is the perfect way to unwind over the weekend. But if things are getting boring and repetitive after several such parties, we recommend hosting a themed dinner party. Themed dinner party ideas

French dinner party menu:

For appetisers, try baked and puffed Brie, caviar, onion soup or cheese puffs. For entrées, go for Chicken Cordon Bleu, onion pie, veggie terrine, Coq Au Vin and lots of baguettes. Choose desserts such as crème brûlée, raspberry sorbet, or almond clafouti.

Mexican dinner party menu:

You can't go wrong with guacamole, beef and cheese quesadillas and, of course, nachos with beans and cheese for appetisers. For the main course, try tortillas stuffed with chunks of meat and cheese, and serve with rice and beans, or fajitas and mega loaded burritos. For dessert, our pick is flan, no contest!

Italian dinner party menu:

Opt for antipasto and sautéed escarole for appetisers. Risotto primavera, chicken marsala, beef lasagne, or simply pasta with meatballs and marinara sauce make for the perfect main course. It's hard to pick a favourite from among Italian desserts but our top picks would have to be gelato, tiramisu and spumoni.

Indian dinner party menu:

Serve samosas or chicken pakoras with mint-coriander chutney or kebabs for starters. Follow up with some delectable lamb or shrimp curry served with basmati rice or vegetable biriyani. You could also opt for chicken tikka masala served with naan bread. Kulfi, gulab jamun or kheer are perfect for dessert.

Themed dinner party hosting tips

It's perfectly okay to request guests to bring along one food item (entrée, dessert or wine) in keeping with your theme. That way, the entire burden of planning the menu won't fall on you. However, we recommend arranging the appetisers yourself so you can set the mood right from the get go. Here are some additional dinner party hosting etiquette:

Welcome and greet each guest at the door and thank them for any gifts or food that they bring with them.

Spend time talking with each guest and also make sure everyone gets to mingle.

Encourage guests to go for second (and third!) helpings.

Table setting guide

Make sure that the dinner table is big enough to seat all guests, unless the plan is to have an informal buffet-style dinner. Use a white tablecloth and stainless steel cutlery because they complement every possible theme. Add a colourful floral arrangement and coordinated napkins for a stylish finish.

A themed dinner party is a fun way to spend a weekend evening with friends. Don't go overboard, keep things simple and enjoy your evening.


Occasions for Using a Party Canopy Tent

Buying a party canopy tent is a great investment. They are an affordable way to cover the area in which people are celebrating, so events can be organized without regard to the weather. If a few raindrops fall or the sun is beating down on the area, it is no cause for concern because party canopies keep the celebration dry and shaded. There are several occasions in which a party canopy tent would come in handy, especially when an event needs to go off without a hitch. Canopies lessen the anxiety over uncontrollable circumstances and provide a safe, covered area in which to enjoy a party or gathering.

One of the most common uses for a party canopy tent is for a wedding reception. Weddings are planned months, and sometimes even years, in advance. There is no way for a newly engaged couple to know what the weather will be like when they set a date for their big day. If their hopes are to celebrate their nuptials outdoors, there needs to be a built-in safeguard to ensure their celebration will not be ruined by the weather. Not only do party canopies protect from the rain and hot sun, they also provide cover for food. Nothing is more unappealing than serving guests food that is tainted by the presences of bugs, birds and other pests. The canopy provides coverage over the buffet or sit-down meal so food stays clean and edible.

In addition to providing coverage, a party canopy tent also enables couples to decorate the area in which they will be celebrating. If a wedding reception is held in the open outdoors, there are very few decorating options available. With party canopies, couples can add lights, balloons, streamers, banners or anything their heart desires. If they are going for a classy, elegant look, small twinkle lights can be strung from the canopy. If they want something fun and festive, balloons and streams can be tied to the canopy. No matter what they have in mind, a canopy makes it possible.

Party canopy tents are great for other occasions, too. If a family is planning a celebration and they are hoping to have it outdoors, a party canopy comes in handy. Anniversary and birthday celebrations are planned around the actual date. If party planners want adequate attendance, they need to send out invitations a couple of months in advance. Again, there is no way to predict the weather weeks in advance, so a tent protects party guests from being rained on or melting in the hot sun. A party canopy tent is a fail-safe way to prevent a party from being ruined by the elements.

One of the benefits of using a party canopy tent at an event is the number of people that can fit under the tent. For large events such as family reunions or corporate parties, there is no need to worry about squeezing too many people into one space. In an indoor space, there would be a specific limit to how many people can attend. When party canopies are used outdoors, larger groups of people can fit comfortably into the space. Though the space is covered, there is a feeling of openness because the event is still held outdoors.


The Kitchen Table and All the Uses

Furnishing your kitchen with a decorative kitchen table set is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a face lift. It can make your eating area appear exclusive and allow you to enjoy your unique style in your dream kitchen. Being offered with classic chairs and table, they make a fashion statement for your home. The size of the kitchen table sets vary widely. You only have to ensure the one you selected will fit your available space and match your taste. However, the simplest one endowed with the contemporary styling is much in demand these days. Apart from looking attractive, the kitchen table sets serve as the perfect furniture to relax and enjoy a meal with friends or family.

Like kitchen table sets, there are several other types of furniture that can add a lot of elegance to your kitchen and impress your guests for years to come. One such furniture is the kitchen island cart. However, there can be abundant storage space in your kitchen but little workspace. A kitchen island is the perfect remedy for this.

A kitchen island is a special type of counter used basically for food preparation and auxiliary cooking requirements. Moreover, a kitchen island lends modern stylish looks to the kitchen design. In case you would like to have a simple kitchen island, you can consider purchasing the one that matches with the table. It has the legs and a flat counter space for cooking. It serves the dual purpose of preparing meals and serving food in buffet style. Another design you can consider buying is a simple one including an ordinary flat counter area together with drawers and cabinets underneath. They provide enough storage space under the kitchen island to place utensils and other grocery items.

Most people prefer to purchase a custom built kitchen island as it is especially designed to suit the individual customer's specifications. It can include anything from a sink and cook top to a small refrigerator. It generally has a solid top counter to perform the tasks like rolling dough and preparing meals, thereby eliminating the need of using a cutting board. The flexibility and design options of a kitchen cart is a special feature that is very attractive to many people.

The kitchen is often regarded as one of the most important rooms of any home. For that reason, it requires some special treatment. Your kitchen does not need to be designed in a large space, but should be an attractive and a welcoming place for your family to gather. People prefer to decorate their kitchen in different ways. Some like to add kitchen carts or table sets to provide their kitchen with a dramatic change and wonderful ambiance. Likewise, you can consider enhancing its grace with a stylish kitchen table dining nook. Placed in a corner of your kitchen, this nook serves as the ideal spot for both meals and family activities.

A dining nook table is versatile enough for use in a small dining nook and equally suitable for a formal dining table. You may also consider purchasing the corner nook sets including nook, table, and one bench. The set may or may not contain cushions. Designing the kitchen only with the furniture is not enough. Once the kitchen is all loaded up with all groceries, dishes and electrical appliances, little workspace is left. This raises the need to use the kitchen carts that allow you more table space in the kitchen.

You can easily hang some of the utensils on the pot racks that are regularly used by you. This feature is why pot racks are frequently considered to be among the most useful tools that you can have in the kitchen. You can mount the pot racks to the wall or side of the cabinet. The immense popularity of the pot racks is due to their functionality. They make it more accessible to the perfect pan at the time you need it most.

Apart from adding exclusive appeal to the kitchen, pot racks also lend warmth and texture to this special room of your home. Look for the pot rack offered with both strength and durability. Pot racks come in different varieties and shapes for example, half circle, rectangle, and oval. If you are looking for the pot rack for style and decoration, purchase the one finished in hammered steel. Maintaining these items are as important as using them. You will need to dust the pot racks regularly to keep them clean. At times, you may also wash them with mild soap and water. Organizing all the utensils in the kitchen has never been as easy as it is with trendy pot racks.

In short, finding the perfect furniture for your kitchen can be a big challenge. It should be done carefully. One of the factors to be taken onto consideration before buying a kitchen island is its size and that may vary widely. Ensure to purchase the one that fits your space best.


Quick and Inexpensive Kitchen Decorating Tips

You might think that you can't afford to give your kitchen a design makeover. However, although major kitchen renovation projects can be costly, it really doesn't take much money to add a few quick decorating touches. Although these touches can be extremely simple and easy, they can really make a difference in the overall appearance of your kitchen. Here are a few simple kitchen decorating tips that you can use as inspiration.

Brighten Your Kitchen with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing seems to brighten up a room quicker than a fresh coat of paint. Paint your walls a different color to give the room a whole new look. You could also choose a slightly different shade of the same color your kitchen walls are currently painted. Your kitchen will still look fresh and new, but you won't have to buy new decorating accessories, since everything will still match.

Inexpensive Wall Art

Adding art pieces to your kitchen walls is one of the quickest and easiest ways to liven up its overall look. Fortunately, inexpensive pieces of wall art are usually just as decorative and beautiful as those which cost a lot more. Display colorful and yet inexpensive posters in picture frames to add eye-catching focal points to the room. If you have some artistic talent, you could even paint or draw a few of your own original art pieces. Metal wall art pieces can also be used to add an interesting modern touch. You could also utilize wall decals, which can be a quick and inexpensive way of adding a lot of color and design to the kitchen.

Decorating with Live Plants

Plants are a natural for the kitchen, adding a beautiful touch of nature to the room. If you have a sunny kitchen window, decorate the window sill with pretty containers of herbs. Not only will the herbs serve as beautiful and fragrant kitchen decor, but you'll also have a handy supply of fresh-cut herbs when you cook. Hanging plants can also work well in large kitchen windows. Or, display a single potted plant on the countertop as a decorative accent. Although live plants are always preferable to artificial plants, you can also use quality silk foliage in areas where it would be difficult to care for real plants.

Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes even the healthy foods you use when preparing your meals can do double-duty as kitchen decor. For example, try displaying a bowl of beautiful red apples as a table centerpiece, instead of hiding them in your refrigerator crisper drawer. Not only will natural fruits and vegetables add a beautiful decorating touch to the kitchen, but your family will probably also eat more healthy foods.

Floral Decorating Accents

Adding flowers to the kitchen is another great way to create visual interest. If you have a flower garden in your yard, decorate your kitchen with a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms. Or, create a floral arrangement from wildflowers and flowering weeds that you find around your yard. If you don't have any fresh flowers of your own, most grocery stores sell beautiful mixed bouquets for affordable prices. Or, simply decorate your kitchen walls with photographs or paintings of flowers, displayed in picture frames. The look is fresh, simple and beautiful, but also quite affordable.


A Modern Tea Set For Every Occasion

A modern tea set is the perfect gift to send any tea enthusiasts, or people who enjoy throwing tea parties. Tea parties are not just for little girls, and can be perfect when inviting friends and family over. Dinner parties may be too formal, and brunch too early for guests, however a tea party is ideal. Afternoon tea is a tradition in many countries, and the tea set is a huge factor behind the atmosphere.

Although there are some very traditional tea sets available a modern set will look just as good. Tea sets were traditionally very beautiful and would be made from delicate china, and have fine art and pretty roses hand painted on them. The set is a very western tradition, and many households would have them. Although traditional ones are beautiful they tend to break easily, and do not fit with the other dinnerware.

Choosing the tea set for the home is often down to personal taste, and the overall budget. There are several different styles of modern tea set to choose from, and they can all be used for the afternoon tea. A modern set is the ideal way to ensure that the traditions are still relevant, but with a modern twist. Although it needs to look great it also needs to be functional, and ensure that the tea tastes great.

Depending on the style of tea that is to be served will often determine the tea set to use. Although the chosen set does not need to represent the style of tea it is a nice touch to co ordinate the two. Green tea can be served in small Asian style sets, and English tea can be served in a very traditional bowl style teapot. If the style of the tea party is very modern choosing a modern set will help to enhance the party.

Everyone is far too busy today and people very rarely sit, and enjoy a moment to drink a cup of tea and unwind. Hosting a tea party is the deal way for everyone to have fun, relax, and enjoy the different teas. Many people like to try different teas, and if they are on offer at the tea party they can be enjoyed with the modern tea set. As well as using the tea set at home they make perfect gifts for friends, and family members who enjoy tea.

Tea gift baskets are ideal to give for a huge number of different occasions, and people will love being able to try the different teas. Often when choosing the gift sets the person can decide if they want them to be traditional, or modern. Within the gift set there will be a modern set to enjoy the tea with. No matter what style of set is chosen it can make a very good accessory to have in the kitchen.

Offering a cup of tea is a very traditional thing to do, and many people enjoy the old fashioned way of serving tea. Although the tea can be served in a modern set applying the traditional methods will always go down well. Whether the tea is being served for a party or simply at the end of a day what tea set is used will always be noticed.


Learning to Pull the Trigger - No Guts, No Glory

One of the hardest skills for many traders to master is pulling the trigger on a potential trade. The potential in the Forex market for huge profits is also tempered by the fact that, like any investment or trading market, there is always the chance of large losses, as well.

The Forex market trades over $1 trillion a day world wide, attracting traders, but sometimes intimidating them. It doesn't take a lot of courage to pour over charts, get your confirmation signals, and find your buy and sell points (all things you should always do prior to entering a trade).

But then even after analysis, double checking, the time comes to place a trade and you get cold feet. That's understandable. It's easy trading with a practice account, it's much more difficult when it's your own hard earned money being put out there.

Analyze anything long enough, and you can talk yourself out of any trade, no matter how good it looks. Same with procrastinating. If you put off entry long enough, you can talk yourself into saying you missed the trend that your charts showed, and then not pulling the trigger on a trade that would have made you good money.

Having the guts to pull the trigger right when your indicators say is essential to becoming a successful (i.e. profitable) trader. You can have all the knowledge in the world about the Forex market, understand trends, and have a stunningly accurate system - but if you don't have the courage to pull the trigger, then what good is that knowledge?

It's not, because it's never going to make you any money if you can't pull the trigger.
One of the best ways to reassure yourself when preparing to make a trade is to have a small checklist you can look at.

Ask yourself, do I have my setup for the trade and how much am I going to trade? Then, where is my entry? Next, where should I place my stop loss? Finally, where is my projected exit? If you can answer the previous questions, then you should pull the trigger. If you can't then stay on the sidelines until you can.

Everyone needs a boost in confidence once in a while, and you can't let fear paralyze you. You can't make money in the Forex if you never place a trade. Having the courage to pull the trigger on trades that get you in and out of the market is a necessary part of being a successful Forex trader.


How Law of Attraction Can Help You To Succeed

There are a lot of evidences that people can succeed by using Law of Attraction. We have seen and read many success stories of wide variety of people both in books and internet. We may have read news or hear the stories of real people who use to have almost nothing or some even have high debts become multi-millionaire later on. The sad fact is no matter how many people succeed, there is nothing to do with you. How you are going to succeed is what matters. In this article, we will talk about the simple ways to apply the law of attraction into your life and make it a success.

What is the meaning of success to you? We need to define it before we go further. Take a few minutes to write down the definition of success right now. Please do not read further if you want your time worthwhile. Stop reading and go find a paper and write down what is success to you.

Welcome back. I hope you have it done. I need to have you do that because this is the essence of doing anything. You need to know what you want out of doing it. Now, here are a few steps to apply the law of attraction to your success.

1. Know what you want and why you want it.
The first step to attract what you want is to know what you really want first. Law of Attraction will not work if you do not have your specific goals. Decide right now what you want and tell yourselves why you want it. Write it down and make the decision that you will from now on take actions toward it. By the way, the reason to support your need to achieve your goal must be strong enough. Reason why you want your goals will be your drive.

2. Have your action plan breakdown to each period.
Nobody succeed without doing anything. We have to admit that. This is the law of the cause and effect. All things have their own causes. You success will be caused by your actions. Write down your plan what and when to do to get closer to your target. Don't make the period too long. Break it down to shorter term so that you can evaluate it along the way.

3. Review your progress regularly.
You can not go blindly without seeing how far you have come and if you are in the right direction. That will be a waste of time if you come a wrong way or use the wrong method. You may need to change your approach if it is not really right. Review it and adjust it to make sure that you come closer to your goals everyday.

4. Associate only with the right people and right sources of emotion.
You will attract the right people into your life when you use the law of attraction. It is however essential for you to start with your conscious mind first. Select to mingle only with the people of value. People who can help you on your goals achievement are the major influences on your success.

Stop reading negative news or engaging in useless conversation. Those will bring you negative emotion. You need to control your emotion along the way of your journey. Whether you can be consistent with your actions depends a lot on your emotion. Positive emotion will attract positive result. The good news is you have the full control over it. Then, make full use of your control. You will be glad that you did it.

5. Visualize your way to success by using the law of attraction.
Visualization will attract what you want according to the law of attraction. You see yourselves succeed the way you want with your inner eyes. You visualize it as it is happening in front of you. You visualization will communicate with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will attract circumstances and attributes favorable to what you want into your life. You may want to accelerate your attraction by using Attraction Accelerator. The background audio will help you achieve your goals faster.

Law of Attraction can help you succeed the way you want if you know how. This article talks about how to succeed by using the law of attraction.


How to Start an Internet Bookselling Business

If you are looking for an online business opportunity that is legitimate, easily sustainable, and not dependent on trends and market whims, your best bet is to learn how to sell used books online. However, keep in mind that Internet bookselling is not as accessible as flash-in-the-pan online opportunities. It is a real business endeavor that will require preparation and method. If you are starting from scratch, here are the first things you need to do in order to start a profitable online bookselling career:

Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst

One of the main advantages of internet bookselling over other profit-making endeavors is that it doesn't require a large startup capital. In fact, it is so accessible in terms of financial prerequisites that even stay-at-home mothers and college students are able to thrive. But be warned that even though you can sell books online in your spare time, it doesn't mean that you will be able to devote as little time and effort to it as you want. You can use your spare time, but it will take a substantial amount of it to make things work, so be prepared to make sacrifices.

You also have to keep your profit expectations relatively low at first. Internet bookselling is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Its business model runs more along the lines of Slow But Steady. Try to keep your prices just a little bit higher than "break even" and get a feel for the business while slowly expanding until you finally manage to use bulk selling as a means to earn a large profit. Remember that you are doing this in your spare time and for little startup cash.

Starting Inventory

Now that you've set expectations for your business, you need to handle the most important part: acquisition of your startup inventory. This is arguably the most important part because it is going to be the backbone of your entire business. Every other aspect of the business will be for naught if you don't have any product or service to sell.

Luckily for you, books are very easy to come by. For starters, you can sell old books that you have accumulated in your home, or from your studies. College students usually accumulate used textbooks that can no longer be sold in bookstores because they're outdated, but can still be sold online and used by students who are limited by budget and can't buy newer revisions, or by people who don't have the means to go out and search brick and mortar stores for specific versions of a textbook.

Most people already have tons of used books at home, gathering dust and mildew. But for those who don't have used books at home or need more stock, there are other viable and reliable sources. Bookstores usually have bargain bin sales when they want to move around old stock, most of these books are priced way below SRP and would be ideal for your business. Some smalltime bookstores even offer discounts for bulk purchases, which is exactly what you should be doing. Flea markets and garage sales are also treasure troves for restocking. You can also visit friends and relatives and check if they have old books that they are willing to give away. Some of them will be more than happy to de-clutter their home and will give you their books for free, but try to buy it from them instead, at drastically reduced prices. This will entice them to contact you in the future in case they have more books they want to get rid of and will even refer other acquaintances. You should take note that building your business on top of goodwill and mutual benefits will be more profitable and sustainable than using subterfuge and dishonest practices.

Offline sources may prove to be limiting, and may incur invisible expenses such as food and transportation, so try to limit offline restocking trips and make each one worth all the trouble. For those days where you are unable to do offline restocking trips, you can spend your time trawling auction sites such as ebay and craigslist for sellers of used books, as well as online bookstores such as amazon. Always remember that your goal is to buy books in bulk, as this will save on shipping and transit time.

You should also make sure that you have a place to store your books in. You don't need a large warehouse yet, if at all. Even a basement or a shed is enough (or your bedroom, if you live alone or have a very understanding partner). The only thing you need to ensure is that the books be kept safe from environmental damage and pet damage, if you have one.

Selling your books

If stocking up on inventory is the backbone of your business, the actual selling part is the meat. The best thing about internet bookselling is that you don't need to invest on a brick and mortar location just to sell your books. The internet is full of auction sites such as ebay, craigslist, and even bookstores that list used inventory such as Amazon. While it is not needed at first, starting your own website will also be a great help (and as an aside, if your online bookstore becomes popular enough, you can also leverage that popularity and use it for affiliate marketing and advertising, in order to maximize your profits)

Just a warning, though. If you want to sell old books online, you really have to give it your all. Selling, in any form, will always require effort and brain power, and nowadays, it requires honesty if you want to keep customers around. You are selling used products, so avoid hyping your listings with descriptions that promise exceptional quality or almost brand new condition. These pitches will only make your potential buyers more skeptical about your books. List defects and damages as much as possible while ensuring the reader that the books are still readable and presentable. This approach to selling will make it easier to attract buyers as they will find it less risky and their expectations will be lower.

Shipping your books

This may be the final stage of your internet bookselling business, but it's every bit as important as the others. In most cases, how well you do on this part can make or break your business in the eyes of customers. In some cases, messing up in this stage will make you lose money, since auction sites tend to side in favor of buyers when it comes to disputes.

Fortunately, books are easier to ship and less prone to transit damage. The fact that you're selling products that are not meant to be pristine and spot-free gives you another layer of safety against unsatisfied customers. The same could not be said for electronics and medicinal products. Additionally, books are also easier to get through customs, unlike the aforementioned electronic and medicinal products, which are subject to restrictions or additional fees depending on the location.

You don't need to go overboard with the packaging, primarily because that could increase your expenses. Package your books depending on common sense. A simple backing board for thin paperbacks is enough, and since you're targeting bulk sales, a bunch of books that are tightly packed in a sturdy box will be safe in transit. Make sure you research shipping rates accordingly, though. Being unprepared and uninformed in this part may be costly - literally - for your business.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Internet Bookselling, at the base level is just a repetition of the above parts, and the operations are easily modified according to your comfort zone and ability, on whether you prefer tight, machine-like efficiency or a lax, easily adaptable business environment. Rest assured that Internet bookselling, like any legitimate business worth your time, provides financial rewards relative to the amount of effort and time you put in it.


Einstein Explained in Every Day Language - It's Simpler Than You Think

HOLLYWOOD, FL, May 28, 2014 - Author and physics teacher Ira Mark Egdall announces the release of his new popular science book, Einstein Relatively Simple: Our Universe Revealed in Everyday Language, published by World Scientific Publishing.

Told with humor, enthusiasm, and rare clarity, Einstein Relatively Simple reveals how a former high school drop-out revolutionized our understanding of space and time. Along the way, the book tracks Einstein through the perils and triumphs of his life -- follows his thinking his logic, and his insights -- and chronicles the audacity, imagination, and sheer genius of the man recognized as the greatest scientist of the modern era. The book is written especially for those who always wanted to understand Einstein's ideas but never thought it possible.

A former aerospace program manager, Egdall has been working toward publication of his book for five years, while teaching lay courses in modern physics at OSHER Lifelong Learning Institutes at the University of Miami and Florida International University. In addition, Egdall gives talks on the wonders of the universe at libraries, schools, and civic organizations often dressed as Albert Einstein.

Einstein Relatively Simple has received critical praise:
Prolific science fiction, non-fiction, and fantasy author John DeChancie says:
"It's terrific. Extremely well written, understandable, and displays a logical and clear development and explication of some of the most hard-to-understand ideas in the worldÂ... (Egdall has) a considerable talent for explaining erudite concepts to the lay reader in clear and concise writing . . . (Egdall) may be the next Asimov or Sagan.

Dr. James R. Webb, astrophysics professor and director of the SARA Observatory, says:
"I find the book extremely well written . . . I love the way Egdall interweaves the history and personality of the scientists with the actual science, without losing track of the main points. I am impressed with the scope and breadth of the manuscript. Having read many books on relativity, from advanced texts to accessible descriptions . . . I find this book is one of the most complete survey books I have seen. If you only read one book on special and general relativity, this is the one to read."

Egdall is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings, CONTACT: One Take Productions, Inc. 754 368 5206 or pr@gcl-us.com. Look for the book at your book store or Amazon.com Visit the web site: http://bit.ly/1inUuxV

Press Contact:
Art Galietti
One Take Productions, Inc.
1440 Coral Ridge Drive #204 Coral Springs, FL 33071
754 368 5206


Christmas Party Games -- Serious Holiday Cash!!

A popular Christmas party game is the singing of Christmas carols. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is one of the most popular carols and is sure to be included in any party sing-along. Usually the lyrics become a series of jumbles and giggles as singers struggle to remember each of the twelve gifts that were delivered by the true love as the song's lyrics reveal.

Like many Christmas carols, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is an English carol which lists a series of extravagant gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas. Each verse build on the next which means that each verse is repeated over and over throughout the song. It is sung and recorded throughout America and Europe during the holiday season. The date the song was first performed is not known but it is believed to be from Europe in the 16th century. The modern arrangement includes the melody of the lyrics "five gold rings" which was written in the 20th century by Frederick Austin. This is the version sung today and "five gold rings" (or some sing "five golden rings") is undoubtedly the words most singers remember.

The "Twelve Days of Christmas" is also a children's rhyme published in a book called Mirth without Mischief in London around 1780. Years later the rhyme was adopted as a song that was enjoyed by the whole family having fun singing on the twelfth night before Christmas.

There are those who believe that the song lyrics reference hidden spiritual meanings. They claim that the items in the song, concern concepts of Christian faith which was devised as a memory game for children during a time that Christian religion was suppressed. Though the claim of hidden meanings has not been fully proven by any reliable sources. This is the list the assumed hidden meanings:

1 Partridge in a pear tree = The One true God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ
2 Turtle Doves = The Old and New Testaments
3 French Hens = Faith, Hope and Charity
4 Calling Birds = the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists
5 Golden Rings = The first Five Books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch" which contain the law condemning us of our sins.
6 Geese A-laying = the six days of creation
7 Swans A-swimming = the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith
8 Maids A-milking = the eight beatitudes
9 Ladies Dancing = the nine Fruits of the Spirit
10 Lords A-leaping = the ten commandments
11 Pipers Piping = the eleven faithful apostles
12 Drummers Drumming = the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed

The Christmas gifts recited in the song are grandiose and extravagant and nearly impossible to deliver. The cumulative cost alone would make the delivery of all twelve Christmas gifts an impossible endeavor. Just how much would all the twelve gifts cost? For the fun of it, lets take a look:

One Partridge in a Pear Tree - the tree is $130.00, the partridge is $15.00. Total $145.00
Two Turtle Doves - $40.00
Three French Hens - $45.00
Four Calling Birds - $440.00
Five Gold Rings - $325.00
Six Geese a-Laying - $400.00
Seven Swans a-swimming - $4000.00
Eight Maids a-Milking - $520.00
Nine Ladies Dancing - $4550.00
Ten Lords a-Leaping - $5000.00
Eleven Pipers Piping - $2500.00
Twelve Drummers Drumming - $2500.00

Total of the Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts - $20, 465.00

The final costs of all twelve gifts of "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas" truly is extravagant! Perhaps the grandiose nature of the gifts is representative of the gift bearers love for his true love.

On another interesting Christmas carol note, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the world's largest performing rights organization, produced a list of the its top 25 most-performed Holiday songs. for the first five years. No doubt you'll find your favorite Christmas carol in this list.
1. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - Mel Torme, Robert Wells
2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin
4. Winter Wonderland - Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith
5. White Christmas - Irving Berlin
6. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Johnny Marks
8. Jingle Bell Rock - Joseph Carleton Beal, James Ross Boothe
9. I'll Be Home For Christmas - Walter Kent, Kim Gannon, Buck Ram
10. Little Drummer Boy - Katherine K. Davis, Henry V. Onorati, Harry Simeone
11. Sleigh Ride - Leroy Anderson, Mitchell Parish
12. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Edward Pola, George Wyle
13. Silver Bells - Jay Livingston, Ray Evans
14. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Johnny Marks
15. Feliz Navidad - Jose Feliciano
16. Blue Christmas - Billy Hayes, Jay W. Johnson
17. Frosty The Snowman - Steve Nelson, Walter E. Rollins
18. A Holly Jolly Christmas - Johnny Marks
19. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Tommie Connor
20. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) - Gene Autry, Oakley Haldeman
21. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Meredith Willson
22. (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays - Bob Allen, Al Stillman
23. Carol Of The Bells - Peter J. Wilhousky, Mykola Leontovich
24. Santa Baby - Joan Ellen Javits, Philip Springer, Tony Springer
25. Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney

Whether you enjoy the Christmas classics or holiday songs that didn't make the list (like the Twelve Days of Christmas). Hearing them or singing them rings in the season and makes any party a little more festive. So enjoy the music of Christmas during holiday festivities and Christmas party games!


Addressing the Problem of Promotion With a Promotional Address Book

How do you address the problem of finding the right item to promote your business and your products? How do you know what is going to work and what isn't? How can you find the perfect item to promote your business and know that people are going to use it on a regular basis? The answer to all of these questions is to use a promotional address book to promote your business.

Let's take a look at why companies are using a promotional address book to promote their business and products.

Easy Contact Access

You are not always at a computer when you need to know someone's address, email or phone number, so you should always have an address book to keep the information about your contacts and the people that are important to you. When you are using a regular address book to keep your contacts in order, you never have to worry about a computer crash or being at your computer in order to get your contacts' information.


Too many people rely on being able to access a computer and they are forgetting about the tried and true methods that people have been using for years before computers were commonplace. When a person has a backup method of finding out the information of a contact, they never have to panic when they are unable to access their computer. No more saying that they will need to look up the information when they get back to the office. The information for someone is right there at their fingertips and ready.

There are a few different types of people in a business that can benefit from having a promotional address book.


Executives are a great person that should use a backup address book, because they never want to have to worry about not having access to their contacts. Not having access to a person's details can really affect business and can lose a company clients.

Travelling Salespeople

Another good type of employee to have an address book is travelling salespeople. They are the ones that make a lot of contacts and they are not always going to be able to access their laptop. When they have a promotional address book, they are going to be able to write down the person's contact information in their address book and add it to their computer later.

A promotional address book can help a company to be prepared for anything and show a professional appearance to everyone they come in contact with. They can help employees avoid the problems that come with computer crashes and lack of access. Instead of having to wait for the computer to come back up, the person's information is right there in front of employees and ready to be used.

Giving out a promotional address book to employees shows that you are prepared for anything and that you are concerned enough about your clients to want to get in touch with them even if you can't access your computers. They are a safeguard for your clients and for your company.


Why The Past Still Haunts

Within each one of us, hidden, are ghosts; fragments of unanswered questions of emotional issues. We all have a past, so we all have these spooks. It just happens that some people are better at seeing them than the rest of us. Our experiences are collected in our subconscious, and if we have the nous, we process them away.

We can learn from these remnants, retain what is useful and discard what is not. But if they cannot be processed they will continue to hang around in our subconscious emerging in dreams or our desires. They are like having a record, stuck on one particular phrase, playing it again and again, never changing or ending. As children we are often afraid of ghosts, of things we don't understand - because we haven't learned how to recognize or understand new things. This can continue into adulthood. Belief in ghosts is unimportant, what is, is the ability to see that as people we fear what we don't understand and when this fear is there it causes us to fixate on the object of fear and keep it close.

Case Study; Judith, a client of mine, regularly dreams of a man she loved in high school. When they were together, they were just kids, and even though their connection was strong, she left him to pursue another man. Since then there has been little contact. They got together a few years later out of the blue, shared a few dates and intimate moments. Once again she didn't really know what the attraction held for her. This time it was he who stood her up and disappeared out of her life. Lately, even though it has been four years since they had seen one another or had any contact, she had been thinking of him, to the point where she contacted him through Facebook and began to obsess over his profile.

This is where the study takes a turn. Judith remained fixated on his profile, even though she knew he was in a relationship at the time - no matter how she tried to lure him he made it clear he was not interested. This sent Judith into a depression, she kept thinking over and over again, "what's wrong with me", " why can't I find love?". For Judith there was an unresolved issue with her ex-boyfriend, one she could not fix by being with him again. But for all that her mind could not let it go - she was trapped. For her the answer was to be with him and sort it out and then, all would be right in her world. But through talking to Judith it emerged that she really didn't want to be with him and live happily ever after; she couldn't even identify what it was about him that kept her enthralled - she just wanted to see him again.

The reality was, all Judith wished to do was start the relationship again and this time get it right. That way she could file the experience away as "sorted"; to lay her ghost. The issue at the heart of the problem was her ex knew her when she was young, happy and free of issues. Now she was busy, totally work orientated - perhaps this was why the relationship had failed at the second attempt. As this became apparent she realised he must have changed as well and however much they had been meant to be together again, it was also clear they were doomed to fail. The important point to emerge was that it was her subconsious saying to her, I want to be young and free again. It is this denial of your wants that causes the broken record to keep playing in your mind, telling you over and over, what it is you've lost and need to find again.

In effect, you are hooked on the past because you are not really facing up to your own desire. Instead you are seeing that X brought this into my life and I rejected / lost it / didn't fight hard enough etc. As long as you still need whatever it was the X brought you are tied to X. Like a child is tied to its mother until he or she no longer needs the mothering in the same way, then he or she is free to move on to other relationships. As long as you still need X to give you Y, your subconscious will continue to haunt you and take you down the old pathways, looking to resurrect the path.

To find resolution, you must locate what you have locked away; you have to find the gaoler that has been keeping you in chains so you can find release. These ghosts that haunt you are simply the remnants of the past which you can't release, the shadows of once where. As creative beings we our minds have endless ways of discovering the route to our dreams. But we can only do this if we know what they are. If you continually chase ghosts you will never find them. Why? Because they don't exist. Listen to your personal story, note it down; what did or didn't happen, what you wanted, your desires.

This is what you are still waiting to happen. Reclaim the part of you that is still waiting, that part that wants something to happen... Write down what you want (leaving out the details or names, people, places, dates) e.g. I want justice , I want love, I want passion, I want to be understood, I want to be accepted. Do a short meditation on visualizing a new pathway for this to happen, one that doesn't involve going back into the past or with past people. Let your intuition guide you forward. Be open to anything that comes up (except the past). If the past situation appears in your mind's eye, simply move past it and say to yourself 'I am exploring other pathways - thank-you'. Allow your mind to create new opportunities for you. Then in the future, when your desire comes up, your mind will open many avenues to help you achieve what you want.


Inner City Condos For Sale

If you live a long distance from your place of work, it means that you are faced with daily travel expenses, and considerable loss of time. It is not unknown for office workers to spend four hours a day just commuting to and from their jobs. However, in these modern days, all this inconvenience is no longer necessary, as there are now many inner city condos for sale.

There are numerous advertisements and billboards to be seen everywhere promoting condos. These condo units come in all sizes, from a very basic two hundred and seventy square feet up to a spacious one thousand or more square feet. The choices and options are many, so potential buyers should look around until they find something that suits their requirements, and their pocket.

Some condo buildings are gigantic, having forty or more floors, while others are more moderate in size, with, perhaps, six or eight floors only. Living high up affords you remarkable views of the surrounding area, plus plenty of fresh air if needed. Living lower down makes for faster entrances and exits, and proximity to amenities such as fitness clubs and gardens.

Most condos are built with good communications in mind, so you will see them located next to subway or other mass-transit stations. Those who once lived in the suburbs will find that travelling from office to their new condo is reduced to only ten or fifteen minutes, from the one hour or more they took previously. Of course, condo space is not sufficient for there to be a garden, but balconies can be brightened up with flowers and other potted plants.

The basic unit condo usually provides one bedroom, living and kitchen space, and a bathroom. This is most popular with young office workers, or with people who already have a house elsewhere but don't want the expense and waste of time in travelling to and from their work. Because of the low price, first-time buyers are able to have the first home of their own.

There are other buyers who want to buy centrally located condos, but as they are people with money, or perhaps they are investors or speculators, they are looking for something big, something luxurious. What would appeal to them would be three bedroom unit with an area of from one thousand to two thousand five hundred square feet. Of course, the whole condo building would have to have the design and feel of a five-star hotel.

Condos are not difficult to find. They are there right on the beach in seaside resorts, right on the golf-course in hill resorts, and near every main thoroughfare in towns and cities. Some come fully furnished, some partially furnished and some with only an air-conditioner or a fitted kitchen. Check out the options and prices and you will find something that is right for you

There are many other advantages in living in a condo when compared with living in a house. First of all, nearly every condo comes with certain amenities especially for the condo owners. For example, at the minimum there will be restaurant, mini-mart and laundry facilities. At the maximum there will be business centers, fitness centers, swimming pools, squash, badminton or tennis courts, mini-marts, and many more. So get away from a life of being caught in traffic snarls for hours each day - get one of those inner city condos today.


What to Give to Cat Lovers This Christmas

Christmas in just around the corner, and what best time to express your thoughtfulness to your loved ones and give them something that they would cherish for a long time than this season. But despite the wide array of merchandise displayed in the stores, it is still not easy to find something that could tickle their fancy and at the same time practical enough to use every day. If you're still confused, just think about what they love to do --- their hobbies and interests --- and start from there. If a friend or a family member loves pets, especially cats, how about giving them the revolutionized Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap! Or you can even get one for your own pet!

This revolutionary product, made especially for your pet cats, uses a pre-existing microchip that will instantly recognize your cats. What's good about this innovation is that it doesn't require a special microchip because you can still use the existing ID chip implant. This means you will not have to spend a few more bucks on another microchip that serves basically the same function. If you own more than one cat, don't worry because this amazing product lets you program up to 12 cat microchips. This product is mostly recommended for owners of cats with Identichip, Bayer Tracer, and other 15-digit UK or European microchips.

Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap features a 7-inch wide super strong door that automatically locks out other cats. It has been tried and tested to endure hard and strong rams so even if other cats will try to break it down with their body strength, it will still be resilient for up to 13kg of force. It is big enough to allow bigger cats like Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats to get through easily.

Installation on a window or a wall is easy. You only have to plug it to a 12-volt adaptor so you won't have to worry about replacing weak batteries, and it would be perfectly safe for your cats. Simply pushing the red and green buttons will set the program of your choice.

Your cats will love this new innovation because they no longer have to wear big collars, attachments, and any kinds of magnets that can get lost or detached anytime. With only an undetectable microchip on them, your cats will be able to move with ease without a heavy thing around their necks. It would definitely give them a light feeling.

Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap has a patented Pet Porte Light Sensor or the Night Mode that can automatically lock the door to prevent your cats from going out especially late at night. This holiday season will be a time of fireworks and noisy activities, but this time you will finally be able to admire the fireworks display without having to worry about your pets going out. Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap will do the job for you.

You can choose to lock or unlock the door of the flap by programming the light level. It is easy to program because all you have to do is press the buttons. You can also deactivate the Night Mode simply by pushing the red button.

This mode can also protect your cats from being preys to other animals that roam and hunt for food in the night. You can be confident that your cats are safe when you are away or out of the house. You will never have to worry that while your cats are walking on the street late at night they might get hit by a passing vehicle.

Though this cat flap can prevent your cats from getting out, it can't prevent them from coming in. The door will open for them when it detects their chips, and they can get in anytime of the day unless you will turn it off. It is highly recommended that you switch this mode at dusk and dawn to prevent your cats from hunting rodents and other animals and stop them from bringing dead animals in your house.

In addition, you will be able to keep stray cats away from your house because this cat flap will only allow your own cat to enter when it detects the microchip. It will remain close for other cats to prevent them from entering your house. Stray cats that enter your house can cause a lot of trouble for your own cat and can even destroy things inside your house. Common damages include stains in your couch and sprays on carpets, scratches on your walls, curtains, bed, clothes, and other furniture. Just imagining this kind of damage is enough to get you irritated. But don't fret, Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap can save you from all the worries.

Aside from that, stray cats can also increase or even double your expenses on your cats' food because they will be sharing their foods with other cats. If you shop cat food for two weeks, it will only last for a few days so you will have to buy again. Owners of Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap say that they have saved around 10-20% of cat food budget since they started using the product. That's a great deal, don't you think?

The Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap is recommended by most vets in the UK and the Cat Protection. This amazing product was also featured in The Cat magazine for their Spring 2008 issue as the "Best Product" for 2007-2008. Owners are highly recommending this product to all cat lovers. They are really happy about the performance of the cat flap.

Now if you can't wait to grab one of these cat flaps, you can order online or by post at your convenience. It is a risk-free investment since it offers a full refund within 30 days if you're not satisfied with the product. It also comes with an 18-month warranty so you can be sure you'll be getting a quality product.

If you choose to purchase this as a gift, not only will you make a loved one, a relative, or a friend happy, you will also make their pet cats ecstatic because this will definitely make their lives more comfortable and free!

The Pet Porte microchip cat flap is available from http://www.microchipcatflaps.co.uk/


How To Create a Personal Job Winning Interview Brand

More and more interview articles and career coaches will tell you that in order to do well in an interview - and to ultimately get the job offer - you must "Be Prepared."

But what if you don't know how to prepare?

"What does preparing for an interview look like?"

"How do I know what they are going to ask?" "How can I make them I hire me?" "What if I'm not REALLY qualified or able to do this job?"

Where do you find the answers to these common concerns and questions?

A Tough Job Market

You are more than aware that you are in a tough job market and that you will have to do something to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. You realize that you are competing against the odds.

The question is, "How can you make yourself stand out when there are so many other candidates looking at the same job?"

The answer is: "Personal Interview branding"

What is Branding Yourself?

This is what companies do when they want to sell something - they use whatever methods necessary to tell the customers who they are, what they do and how they do it - they "brand" the product.

I'm not a product? How do I brand myself?

Begin to think of yourself as a product. What this means is you have to discover What Makes You Unique - and to begin thinking of yourself like a product. This is one of the main secrets of successful preparation.

Effective branding used in the interview is the same as in business. It is telling the customer (in this case the interviewer) who you are; what you can do and have done in the past (your unique qualities); and why they should buy (hire you).

Call For An Interview

Let's assume that you have an outstanding resume and that you make it to the top of the stack of resumes of people to be called for an interview.

First of all -Congratulations on getting this far.

The problem is that You and along with nine or ten other equally qualified people for the position will receive that same call.

Are you the best? You had better be prepared to prove that you are the best by letting the interviewer know what makes you unique and what you can do for them - you you will bring to the position. Because companies have so many candidates to choose from, they are interviewing more people so that they can select the "best."

What makes you a "remember-able" person? When you are lucky enough to be invited to an interview it is essential that you be ready to sell yourself - to let the interviewer know what makes you unique - What added value you can bring to the position?

Why YOU are the best person for the job?

Your objective is to leave behind an impression of you and your "brand."


By doing some basic preparation, you can determine your uniqueness and where you should focus your attention. You can discover your personal interview "brand."

First, you need to identify the points you have to offer - the combination that makes you Unique.

This will be a combination of your education, experience and any special training or certifications you may have, as well as your area of expertise, your strengths, and your personal traits.

You create your statement by listing all these qualities and then making them into a concise statement to present to the employer when any of the standard questions come up.

"Tell me about yourself." "What makes you unique?" "What can you bring to this position that the other candidates can or can't?" "What are you strengths?" "Tell me something about you that will make me remember you after you leave the interview."

You can develop the answers to these questions by using "5 points" to use during the interview. If you use your five fingers to keep focused you can jog your memory if you forget what you were going to say due to being nervous.

Point #1

Your education and years of experience. (More experienced persons will talk mainly about experience and not education.

Point #2

Your area of expertise - or what you know a lot about. (For less experienced people you will have to rely on classes or courses you've taken).

Point #3

Your strength - this is usually a trait that you can use in any job. In other words, a general trait. (Communication, Relating to Others, Analytical Problem Solving, Determination, Adaptability).

Point #4

Your work ethic or work style (This is what coworkers would say to describe you).

Point #5

Something interesting about you (A hobby, somewhere that you volunteer to do, a sport or arts interest. If you can think of something that relates to the job you are applying for that would be a plus).

By summarizing what you have to offer in a methodical way you will be less apt to wander or forget what you intended to say.

You can write out your job winning brand or you can search for online tools to help you create your personal interview brand.

Regardless of the method you use - you should be prepared. It will make a difference in the way that you present yourself and in your being able to talk openly and without being modest about what you have to offer. You will be able to tell the interviewer why they should hire YOU - and what makes you unique.

Preparation will help you in ALL your interactions - social, business, and your day-to-day life. The more you know yourself and are will to talk openly about yourself the more comfortable you will be in talking about yourself - to anybody.


Author Rank And What It Means For Search

At the same time as it was sending ripples through the SEO world discussing over optimization penalties, updates to Panda, and the impact of Penguin, Google was also ruffling feathers and changing its game with Author Rank. Here's how Google explains this new update.

"Assuming that a given agent has a high reputational score, representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, then additional content authored and signed by that agent will be promoted relative to unsigned content or content from less reputable agents in search results."

So basically, if content on a page is tied to an author that has a strong Author Rank with Google, that page's search ranking should be higher than it would otherwise.

There are a few things to unpack for those who want to understand what they can do to SEO their site or have more informed with their SEO inbound marketers. Most importantly from the perspective of the paranoids, Google will be factoring various aspects of Google+ and pages getting +1 clicks in assigning quality scores to authors.

So if a person puts something, writing, photos, or video for example, and uses Google's Authorship tools to link his Google+ identity to that content, when such content gets +1 votes his Author Rank will improve. This isn't the only way to get ranking, but it does create a kind of closed loop, where those who are active on Google's social media site and get attention there will also see their content ranking higher on the search giant's SERPs.

So only one thing matters for your SEO in terms of author rank is the author score of your content's author in the subject or topic where you want to rank. Content authors, in turn, will have to pay attention to the author scores of those linking to their content and other actions that suggest positive attention to the content from experts in the field like speed of link sharing within the sector and comments on the content.

Author ranks won't replace traditional search ranking metrics, namely the things Penguin and Panda care about. But it will supplement them. The idea is that by giving users the ability to upvote and downvote not just content but authors and weighing that feedback, Google will be able to produce higher-quality search results that help people actually find the information they want.

For small businesses and companies concerned with SEO, this means it's time to start thinking about developing authorship. There hasn't been a big announcement about Author Rank yet, so it's probably not in full scale implementation. But that doesn't mean you can't look for an inbound marketing firm that's focusing on developing its authorship, or even think about taking steps on Google+ to develop your own content quality reputation within your industry. While Author Rank might shake things up a lot, if you're prepared, you'll be fine. And if they never roll it out, your efforts will only help you.


Three Magic Words Every Online Marketer Must Know

My first year of online marketing was pretty tough. I worked more than 40 hours per week on my websites, ebooks, and various other projects. Luckily, I did make money the very first month which was enough to keep me going and keep me believing. But if you add up the total hours that I worked and the total amount of money I earned, I was certainly making less than minimum wage. That's right: I would have been better off working at a fast food restaurant!

Perhaps you have decided to tackle online marketing. Maybe you've spent countless evenings studying and reading, and trying to develop a game plan on how to get started. Or maybe you plunged right in, and started marketing without really understanding what needs to be done in order to make a profit online. Or maybe you spent thousands of dollars purchasing guru books and surefire "black hat instant profit" tactics that ultimately failed and left you with nothing but a hole in your wallet.

Would you like the answer to online marketing? Would you like to know exactly what it takes to make money online? I'll tell you, and I'll sum it up in three words: pain, solution, focus.

Let's talk about pain. You're probably reading this article because you desire to make money online, and the reason you want to make money online is because you want more money. Exactly why you want more money is your pain: Do you need to buy a new car? Do you want to put your kids through college but can't afford it? Do you need new clothes? Want to stop renting a low-budget apartment and want to buy your own home?

A simple definition of pain is the problem that (in this case) pushes you to attempt to make money online. While your pain can be solved with money, someone else's pain might be time management or small business accounting solutions. Unless you can define exactly what someone's pain is, you are going to have a very difficult time profiting from your interaction with them.

Now let's talk about solution. We've already defined your ultimate pain: you need money! If I want to make a profit from you, I need to find a solution for your pain of not having enough money. When I find that solution, I present the idea to you and if it appeals to you, then you will take action and purchase the item (or services) and I will make money in the process. Pretty easy, huh?

The last of the three words is where every online marketer stumbles and falls flat on his or her face: focus. That same word has plagued me since the beginning of my online marketing career! There are so many viable and real methods to making money online that most marketers diffuse their energy by working on too many projects at once.

Personally, I know at least twenty "full proof" methods for making money online. But that is exactly where the problem lies: if I work on all twenty methods, then I am only going to have 5% of my energy focused on one project or idea. And somewhere out there on the internet is a guy or girl focusing 100% of his or her energy on the same idea. Guess who's going to come out on top and be successful with that one particular method?

Sure, I'll see results from my scattered efforts, but I will only see minor results. Maybe I'll make $5 a day from those diffused efforts whereas the marketer who focuses 100% of his or her time on ONE idea is going to make $100 to $500 per day on the same method.

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First Thursday's on South Congress in Austin Texas

Austin is a great place for families. All year round the city is full of events that cater to its citizens young and old. One of the most popular destinations is First Thursdays on South Congress Avenue where once a month the shops stay open late and the entire street becomes a pedestrian friendly party that the whole family can enjoy. The South Congress Area (or SoCo as it is now called) has long had a reputation for its eclectic shops, art galleries, and restaurants. On First Thursday, everything stays open until 10pm on South Congress between Riverside Drive and Ben White Boulevard.

For those with kids in tow, you may want to make your first stop the Big Top Candy Shop. They carry a wide selection of vintage candy that you'll remember from when you were a kid as well as all the new verities that you may have not have tried. They also have an old fashioned soda fountain serving up hot chocolate, peppermint shakes, and desserts.

You may want to then head over to Lucy in Disguise, Austin's largest costume shop for a quick game of dress up. Lucy's opened its doors on April fool's Day in 1984 and has grown into an 8,000 sq. ft. costume mega store. Whether it's a funny hat or a Mardi gras mask, Lucy's has something for everyone. It's a great place to get lost among the rows and rows of wacky costumes.

A new addition to South Congress is the Farm to Market Grocery. Inside you'll find a wide selection of specialty items and fresh fruits and vegetables. On First Thursdays it's a great place to stop in for a quick snack or to pick up a piece of fruit to carry with you down the street.

If you're looking for a gift, you should take a moment to step into Monkey See, Monkey! Doing their part of Keep Austin Weird, they specialize in bizarre gifts that you may not ever see again. Where else are you going to find a Sock Monkey Wine Coozy? They also claim to carry 7 out of the 10 stupidest gifts listed on yahoo. The best part is that they're proud of it.

When you get hungry from all the walking and shopping, there are a number of great food options. Guerro's serves up world famous Mexican Cuisine and some of the best Margaritas in town. It is also a favorite haunt of local celebrities and a great place to people watch. Homeslice Pizza serves up some of the best New York style pies in town. They're so serious about their pizza that they closed the whole shop for a week to take the staff to New York on a pizza tasting tour. If you have a sweet tooth, you should head over to Amy's Ice Cream, an Austin original that serves up their own unique ice cream flavors.

Fans of live music will have to check out the Continental Club, one of Austin's most well known music venues. Every night of the week, they showcase both local and national touring acts. You may also want to check out their new gallery space upstairs, a comfortable lounge with live jazz and blues every night of the week.

There really is something for everyone of South Congress and First Thursdays offer an amazing opportunity to explore every hot spot in the street. You never know who you'll see and are guaranteed to discover something new.


How to Choose the Right Magazine Subscription

Most magazine subscription sellers carry between 600 and 1600 different magazine titles for sale. The ever increasing number of magazines gives customers a list of endless possibilities from which to choose when looking for just the right subscription. The vast amount of choices can be a rather daunting task when trying to narrow down the choices from 50 magazines to maybe one or two. Some of the popular magazine categories may feature even more subscriptions to choose, but there are some tricks to choosing just the right magazine subscription for you.

Read Customer Reviews

Though publishers provide a description of the content and editorial focus of the magazine, it is in their best interest to make the magazine sound as attractive as possible. When available, customer reviews can provide an unbiased view of the magazine from a reader's perspective. Customer Reviews to magazines can give potential subscribers and readers information on everything from the quality of the content, the number of ad pages featured in a magazine (an ongoing complaint with many readers) to the specific delivery habits of a publisher.

It is important to read more than one review, to be able to gain a general consensus of the magazine. If the general consensus is that magazine quality has suffered or if the editorial focus has changed (for either better or worse) the information is readily available.

Online customers have a decided advantage. There are a number of consumer and shopping sites with this information available. Online Magazine subscription sellers usually encourage their customers to write reviews of the magazines they purchase as a courtesy.

Find Your Niche

Many customers choose a magazine subscription based on the popularity of the magazine or name recognition. Just because a magazine has experienced popularity does not mean that it will fit the need of every customer. Increased competition among publishers has led most publishers to cater to a specific niche within a particular category. Every category will have at least one general interest magazine that seems to cover a wide breadth of information. However, customers tend to be happier with subscriptions that cater directly to them and are geared towards their interests specifically.

For example, Bon Appetit is one of the more popular magazines in the cooking category. The magazine includes recipes, entertainment information, restaurants reviews etc. However, the novice cook would likely be better served purchasing a different subscription. Many of the recipes in Bon Appetit have been categorized as difficult for a beginner with many of the ingredients being difficult to locate. While a great magazine, Bon Appetit is more of a generalist, and is not a good fit for a beginner or someone who is looking for a large number of recipes.

Another example would be the baseball fan that doesn't particularly care for other sports. A magazine subscription to Baseball Digest would likely be a better fit than a more popular magazine such as Sporting News. Though Sporting News would provide baseball coverage, it would likely lack the in-depth coverage of the aforementioned magazine because of the other sports it needs to cover, and because of space limitations. The Baseball Digest subscriber would also be able to receive Baseball information during the off season when baseball news in other generalist magazines is likely to be limited.

Price Does In Fact Matter

In some instances customers will face having to decide between magazines with the same quality and editorial focus. For example, Sports Illustrated has long been a leader in the sports magazine category. ESPN, known for their television and radio sports broadcasting has experienced phenomenal growth of the ESPN Magazine. Many of ESPN's issues sell out at the newsstands. Much of the growth has been attributed to the low price of the magazine.

Though customers are interested in quality, cost is important and many customers and publishers are benefiting. People Magazine and National Geographic have definitely felt the competition from magazines like US Weekly, and Discover. These magazines are very similar but are far less costly.

If still in doubt about what magazine subscriptions to purchase after narrowing down the list, buying one or two copies at the newsstand is a great way to find out if a long term commitment is ideal.


Be able to write Articles For the purpose of Cat Magazines and catalogs

If you'd like to work out of your comfort of yours home with a knowledge of cats, you can actually write content about moggies for magazines and catalogs.

Cat Want magazine can be described as monthly journal covering all portions of responsible pet cat ownership. It happens to be 90% freelance crafted. They are seeking for nonfiction fascinating presentation from expert, up-to-date advice. It is required to be cat driven. Your writing really gender specified. They desire how-to, humor, health, life, cat community and activities. They really do not accept misinformation or beautifully constructed wording.

I Absolutely adore Cats can be described as bimonthly total interest magazine for the complete family. It happens to be 100% freelance crafted. It provides cat lovers of their ages. The stories in your magazine can include fiction, non-fiction, how-to, crazy, and columns for ones cat other half.

Obtain some copy of organizations magazines not to mention study typically the stories for the better very idea of what typically the publication is looking for.

Do in no way send ultimate manuscript straightaway. Contact typically the editor of this magazines not to mention send some query traditional to your man. The editor's designate and email information are typically on the pioneer or further page of this magazine.

The thought letter can be described as brief, one-page letter would always get a particular editor curious about your theory. When most people send some query letter for a magazine, you making the effort get typically the editor to purchase your idea and / or article.

The thought letter should certainly sell typically the editor within your idea and / or convince your man to question your executed manuscript. The perfect query letters jump into the specifics from the actual line. Absolutely vital to remember that query can be described as call to action, not a listing of features not to mention benefits.

Include information on the option of photographs and / or artwork on your query traditional. Include a functional title and then a projected the word count.

Biological information could be included to boot, but you shouldn't overdo it again unless a background genuinely helps sell the content or proves you will be the only one could be able to write your offered piece.

Really do not discuss give rates or make an attempt to negotiate some fee on your query traditional. This step employs an manager has endorsed accept a article.


Script Tutorials

The Internet has dramatically transformed our daily existence. From shopping to dating, we have all put much, and in some cases, all, of our lives online. But what makes the web such an accessible and easy to use medium? Websites of course! Although it is little recognized, websites are the nodes that enable us to use the web and conduct our business. That is why Web Development And Design are so crucial to anyone seeking to take full advantage of the web's possibilities. And Script Tutorials can be beneficial to those in the web development business.

Websites can be an effective tool in raising the virtual profile of an individual or a company. A website can be used to generate awareness, provide information, sell products, and perform services. Indeed, websites have become powerful and flexible enough to allow individuals to do a number of operations that used to be done by groups of persons, or an entire organization. Nowadays, one or a few persons can do an extensive array of complex tasks through a website.

Web designers use a variety of tools. The technologies used for creating websites include standardized mark-up which could be hand coded or generated by WYSIWYG editing software. And then there is proprietary software which is based on plug-ins; these bypass the client's browsers version and are often WYSIWYG but with the option of using the software's scripting language. Search engine optimization is also another great tool of web development and design. It has gained quite a lot of notoriety in the last few years because of its power and usefulness.

These tools are updated over time by newer standards and software. And script tutorials can help those in web development and design keep up to date with the latest advancements.

Good visual design is crucial in web creation. An individual or firm must identify its target audience--by age group, social niche, or other demographic--and design a website that appeals to them. The designers working on the website should also understand the aims, needs, and goals of the client, and ensure the website reflects their values and ideas. Perhaps most importantly, the aesthetics or overall design of a site should not clash with the content; it should be easy for each new user to navigate the site and find what they are looking for. Additionally, the site's page layout should remain consistent on different pages.

Using script tutorials offers visitors advice on some of the latest, and most interesting, advice on content and updates regarding website design and programming. Constructing a website is a demanding effort. And keeping up with the latest developments in web design can be difficult. Engaging with script tutorials can ease this challenge by keeping you in the loop regarding what's out there. Whatever your question or uncertainty, script tutorials can get an answer and offer competent advice.

The virtual world is fast-paced, but it is not so fast that information cannot be captured and transformed into knowledge. So, don't delay. The latest on web development and design is just a click away!


Inner City Children In The Line Of Fire Because of Gang Warfare

We have all heard of at least one tragic death of a child that has been killed because of gang warfare or drug crimes that goes on in the larger cities in our country. These are of course, only two of the reasons that children are killed by guns. Anytime a child is killed with a firearm it is senseless and horrible and many times it is usually because they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes they are not even in the wrong place because how can you say that a child playing in their own front yard is in the wrong place?

This is a tragedy that has happened time and time again in recent years. Children who are simply outside skipping rope or playing ball are suddenly struck down by a bullet that was meant for someone else. Drive by shootings count for many of these deaths. Even when children have been inside their homes they have been hit by a stray bullet of some lunatic aiming at someone else.

These things are happening more and more in inner city neighborhoods although they are not the only ones. Gang violence is such a very serious thing and children get caught in the crossfire. Many parents who live in the worst of these neighborhoods are afraid to let their children outdoors to play. This is a disgrace in our country that someone desperately needs to find a solution to.

We know that law enforcement tries to do their jobs, but when small kids are killed in their own yards, something different needs to be done. No one wants to have a martial law type society or curfews inflicted on everyone, because this only makes the innocent citizens have to suffer along with the criminals. Our judicial system needs to do a better job somehow of making sure that criminals that have violent records are kept locked up where they should be. It is unfair for law abiding folks, no matter where they live, have to be wary of walking outside their house for fear of being shot and killed.

Some of our city streets have turned into mini war zones between rival gangs and crooks of other kinds. It makes you wonder exactly what law enforcement is doing to stop this kind of violence. Parents also must shoulder their share of responsibility. Gang members come in all shapes and colors and there are no families that are immune to having their child grow up to be a gang member. The greatest defense against these kinds of killers roaming our streets often starts with their home life. If a parent is having problems with a child that they think might be getting involved with a gang, now is the time to get help froms somewhere before it is too late for them.


Solving the Challenges in Network Marketing - Network Marketing Blueprint

Similar to any other businesses, Online Network Marketing comes with its own challenges. To facilitate your understanding I have divided these challenges into 4 main categories. I believe that many people fit in one or more of such categories.

Also, I will not just highlight these problems but also provide the solutions to overcome these problems. In addition, we will also go through the Blueprint of Network Marketing, which many top earning individuals use to get to their 6 to 7 figure wealth.

As I describer and identify these categories for you, just remember that this is a category of problems i.e. each category includes a collection of problems or challenges for that matter instead of focusing on any one single challenge.

1. Not very good systems and information. This is a category which belongs primarily belongs to people who belong to network marketers old school group. This is where normally a system which is asked to follow or use fails or does not work for that matter. In this, the company restricts utilization of other marketing methods that are not prescribed by them or the methods or systems provided by the company are out dated.

This normally gives birth to confusion and conflict which results in huge amount of work with no or little outcomes. People in this category actually get frustrated and tired of not getting results despite hard-work; they just aim for a technique or system that actually works for them.

2. Absence of adequate knowledge and information. Normally, there are lots of beginners in this business line; people don't understand how to create a website or set up a capture page, people are also unaware of auto responders and don't understand how to use them effectively. People are also unaware about how to get started or create a record or how to get to prospects.

Therefore we say; business of online network marketing does require a little bit of computer knowledge. Nobody wants you to get a masters or post graduate degree in IT; however, you will need some knowledge to use your system effectively and should know how make maximum use of internet.

People who are in this category are a very excited bunch of people who wants to start at the earliest possible movement. People in this category would enjoy an orderly plan with proper laid out steps to follow that will lead them to their desire outcomes while also helping them learn.

3. Dearth of resources at disposal. Does this excuse seem heard? Take a look at some of the examples:

I need to give proper attention to my family, I need more money to get things done, I do not have spare time to get into this business because of my full time job, etc.

Apart from the reality that these are mere excuses, people who are in this group also complaint they need solutions that work in their limited money and time.
Now, I understand that there might be genuine cases but what it does is that it limits your mind set.

4. Loads of information to digest. This is not a very good category to fall into. An individual in this category generally posses good knowledge of basic of different mediums or modes of network marketing.

However, they are not very sure that which directions they need to go whether blogs, social media, pay per click, article marketing, video marketing, capture pages, etc.

As a result, they look into each part in great detail and get attacked with lots of information which is difficult to absorb. This overload of information makes the individual try different things, but not getting results from even a single one of them.

This reason alone results in frustration and is a significant part of reason that makes 97% of online network marketers fail in achieving their goal.

Now follows the answer to these problems or challenges of online network marketing. Don't worry its simple enough to follow! Just make and use a technique or system that works for you!

What you are required to select is just one business system from the huge amount of business systems that are available online. Remember though, that each system has its own pros and cons and you need to pick the one which suits best to your needs.

After selecting the system, you need to get traffic or leads through the system. There are 100 different ways to get traffic; however, you need to select just 2 or 3 techniques which you feel will work and are comfortable to have.

Focus on these 2-3 techniques and use them for a considerable length of time. You will definitely see the desired results. And as the results start coming in, you will get used to these methods and become more efficient.

This will also enable you to generate significant cash flow which you can use to reinvest in other marketing techniques or methods. This solution leads to the Blueprint of Network Marketing, which many successful online network marketers use.

Blueprint for Online Network Marketing

There are 3 simple components of this blueprint, which are as follows:

1. A prospecting system that is automated. This will help convert the visitors on your website into leads and prospects.

2. Methods to boost traffic. Try and use only 2 or 3 methods at start and maximize the use of the one which gives the best results.

3. A process to monetize your leads that converts them into distributors or paying customers. This is all related to growing up your team size and making more sales.

When you get a system that fits perfectly into this blueprint of network marketing, you will surely be on the path to success.

But, do keep this in your head that the main ingredient to this system will always be you. If the required resources and work

are not put in by you, it will end in failure. The system is there for your help and only to use as a path to finding success.


Vampires: It is Simply More Exciting to Believe

Throughout history our society has had an obsession with the idea of vampires and the dark myths that surround them. Through movies, literature, television and even old folk legends vampires have captured a lot of attention within popular media. Whether there is truth to the myths or not is really besides the question. Part of the fascination with vampires is the intriguing aspects of the unknown.

With that being said, one of the questions that comes to mind is what exactly are vampires and how did they become so popular? The actual term "vampire" derives from a number of different places including Greek mythology and Slavic folklore. One of the most common origins of the word is related to the Greek word nosophoros, which roughly translates to "plague carrier."

So, now we know the origins of the word itself, but when did vampires truly become legends in their own right? All across the world vampires are discussed, acknowledged, and used as integral parts of modern and traditional story telling. While all cultures seem to portray vampires in a different light, there is one underlying feature that remains the same. Vampires are a creature considered to be "undead" that rises to drink and consume the blood of other living things. For centuries millions of people have told, re-enacted, and swooned over the legends of vampires. There really seems to be no end in sight.

While many vampire myths vary depending on who you talk to, there are some features that seem to be quite universal. Firstly, as mentioned before, vampires feast on the blood of living things. A few other common characteristics are the belief that vampires can take the form of bats and wolves. They can fly. They sleep inside dark coffins at night.

Aside from all the legends, myths, and stories relating to vampires throughout history, there are also quite a few superstitions that are practiced when it comes to protecting yourself from the dangers that vampires can convey. One of the most powerful tools one can use for protection is a crucifix. The Christian aspect of this superstition is quite obvious as it is thought that vampires are undead and thus related to the devil himself. There are also stories of how spreading garlic around your home or scattering seeds outside could ward off the evil that is possessed within vampires. While these superstitions are quite evident throughout literature and vampire folklore, you many also be surprised at how many people truly employ these tactics on a daily basis.

In truth, there are an infinite amount of opinions, beliefs, and ideas when it comes to the discussion of vampires. Is there really just one factual answer to any corresponding answer? In actuality there isn't. This is exactly where the intrigue comes into play with vampires. Do we really want to know the truth? Or is it simply more exciting to wonder and let our mind wander? Imagining what could be out there makes vampire literature and movies simply that much more exciting.


Tuesdays With Morrie Onstage at Hawaii!

A best selling book about a guy named Mitch and his old college professor, written by Mitch Albom. It has been read all around the world in different languages and was nominated international best selling novel. Not only that Mitch Albom has written different wonderful books like; For One More Day and Five People you meet in Heaven, which attracted ample amount of attention as well. Mitch Albom being a great writer has other books that are also widely acclaimed. Tuesdays with Morrie has been adapted and loved in different theatre and stage plays.

The Manoa Valley Theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii stages a unique and one of a kind performance from the well-loved book. It features local talents from Honolulus wide array of artists and performers. Attendees will witness superb performances from these talents. The show will be featured on the Manoa Valley Theatre which features several other stage plays and stage shows.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a story that will give its readers life lessons encountered by Mitch Albom with his dying college professor. Mitch Albom had the privilege to have these lessons which uses crosses over the confines of a classroom. Lessons in this story focus love, marriage, and life. The novel was that true and sincere that its words manage to touch and influence lives of its readers all over the world. This novel is indeed Mitch Albom's best written book.

Honolulu which is the capital of Hawaii is situated in its center. Considered to be Hawaii's busiest which has its governmental, business and finance hub. Honolulu being its center has thousands of hotels, malls and retails stores selling souvenirs and hard to find delicacies of Hawaii. True enough Honolulu is a place for tourist to see, where events are dynamic which gives its visitors an exciting time.

If you happen to stay in Honolulu, try catching a glimpse of the Tuesdays with Morrie theatre show in Manoa Valley Theatre. Get inspired on this well-loved novel of all time!


Fund Managers can become farmers-Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers was recently interviewed by The Economic Times. Among the topics covered include the recent rally in stocks, the widening deficit and his recent comments on Sri Lanka. In this interview, Jim Rogers touches on a couple of commodities that he believes will do well in this economy. As investors push oil and gold, Jim Rogers is looking at other commodities such as Silver, Cotton and Natural Gas.

You recently said that you would invest in China and Sri Lanka but not in India. Arent you betting on the new government in India?

Lets pick on China for a minute. If you sell to Wal-Mart in the US and if you are a Chinese supplier you know there is a problem. And you are going to be suffering. Any company that deals with the West is going to have problems. On the other hand, companies that are in the water-treatment business in Asia will care less if the West disappears. They are too busy making money, too busy going to work everyday.

Throughout history, if you go to a place after the war ends you usually find everything as very cheap, everyone is demoralised, people are just depressed and there are enormous opportunities if you have energy.

In my view, investing in Sri Lanka in May 2009 is probably a better bet than Pakistan, Bangladesh, India or some of the other countries nearby. Lets hope the new Indian government does something. I have heard wonderful things from Indian politicians for 40 years.

If US unemployment touches the 10%-mark, it would further impact retail sales. How bad could this be for Asia?

Stocks are rising even as fiscal deficit is widening. Somewhere it has to snap

At one stage we were inundated with gloomy forecasts, which were further reinforced by the IMF and World Bank. And then suddenly stocks surged " something most were not prepared for. How risky is the market today?

Central banks all over the world have printed huge amounts of money, and the real economy is not strong enough for all this money to be absorbed so, its going into stocks and real assets such as commodities. Its a mistake what they are doing. Its giving short-term pleasure, but theres long-term pain as we are going to have much higher inflation, much higher interest rates and a worse economy down the road.

The American bond market is already beginning to go down dramatically as people realise that the American government has to sell huge amount of bonds, and secondly, there is going to be inflation, serious inflation, as it was always in the past when you had governments printing huge amounts of money.

What do you do? No politically-elected government can afford so much pain, unemployment and hardships

You recently said that you would invest in China and Sri Lanka but not in India. Arent you betting on the new government in India?

I was trying to make a point that if anyone wants to invest in this particular part of the world, the best place would be Sri Lanka. Because it looks like the 30-year war is coming to an end.

They are doing many of the same mistakes now. Whats different this time is that we are printing huge amounts of money which they did not print at that time. So, we are going to have inflation this time.

What do you do? No politically-elected government can afford so much pain, unemployment and hardships

And rarely do they produce. Its not the first time that the Congress party has been in the power. If they mean it, Indias going to be one of the greatest development stories in the next 20 years. But I dont know if they mean it.

In my view, investing in Sri Lanka in May 2009 is probably a better bet than Pakistan, Bangladesh, India or some of the other countries nearby. Lets hope the new Indian government does something. I have heard wonderful things from Indian politicians for 40 years.

Lets pick on China for a minute. If you sell to Wal-Mart in the US and if you are a Chinese supplier you know there is a problem. And you are going to be suffering. Any company that deals with the West is going to have problems. On the other hand, companies that are in the water-treatment business in Asia will care less if the West disappears. They are too busy making money, too busy going to work everyday.


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